Booker & Associates offers assistance to clients in three broad areas. Our work is always customized, so solutions are focused on your specific areas of need. Our objective is to assist you in achieving success in your endeavours. Every consultation begins with a conversation about your objectives. Our guidance and recommendations are always practical, allowing you to see real and long-term outcomes.

Corporate Governance
Good governance is essential for organizational success. Whether your needs lie in Governance Reviews, Governance Policies, or Board Assessments, we can help elevate the governance level of your organization

Enterprise Risk Management
How effectively does your organization manage the risks inherent to the business you operate? We offer customized consulting and facilitation to ensure your business is effectively managing risk. The focus is on facing the risks and holding them to an acceptable tolerance.

Organizational Effectiveness
Organizations need to periodically assess if operations and processes are conducted in the most effective way for the best long term advantage of the organization and its stakeholders. Additionally an organization cannot be effective if it has not set a vision and a strategic path. We can facilitate your leadership group to articulate the strategy for the organization’s future. Once the strategy is set then the goal is to ensure that operations are aligned to achieve the strategy.

We pride ourselves in our customized approach for every client. Your need may not fit exactly into one of the above categories. Some of our additional services include:

  • Due Diligence for Mergers and Acquisition
  • Facilitating Boards to Resolve Conflict
  • Project managing special projects.




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