GOVERNANCE MATTERS: Good Governance is key to Organizational Success

An introduction to the role and duties of the Board of Directors.


GOVERNANCE MATTERS: What is Governing Policy?

An important role for the Board of Directors is to set policy under which management takes action to manage the affairs of an organization. But what is policy?


GOVERNANCE MATTERS: Governance Roles and Responsibilities

An example of a Board of Directors mandate and an example of a role description for a Director


GOVERNANCE MATTERS: Board Succession Planning

An introduction to the practices and processes that enable Board succession


Audit Committees – Meeting the scrutiny Challenge: A Reference Tool

The document details the purpose, organization and responsibilities of the Audit Committee. Includes an example Audit Committee work plan.


Developing Effective Risk Management Strategies to Protect Your Business

Risk is the other side of the strategy coin and needs to be managed to guarantee the sustainability of the organization.
This paper discusses:

  • Successfully identifying, assessing and managing risks for all stakeholders
  • Identifying the appropriate strategy for your particular needs
  • Ensuring your governance body understands risk
  • Developing a risk management framework
  • Incorporating risk management into your business planning


Operational Health Checkup for Not-for-Profit Organizations

This document outlines the process which Booker & Associates follows to conduct an operational review to determine an organization’s health


Organizational Effectiveness Toolkit for Community Organizations

This toolkit, prepared for the Hamilton, ON Bay Area Arts & Heritage Stabilization Program, provides practical tools to assist in the planning, governing and managing of the operations of community organizations.


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