Booker & Associates is a boutique consulting firm working with clients across Canada. Booker’s clients include public sector bodies, financial services, and not-for-profit organizations.

Booker offers service in three specific areas: Corporate Governance, Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), and Operational Effectiveness. The firm has been operational for over 10 years and takes the approach of an emerging trend in the consulting business where our firm focuses on only a few service offerings and only a few clients at a time. We select assignments that we have absolute competency for and where we can make a difference for the organization. The firm has a pool of associates which work on assignments based on their background and specialties. In addition we contract with freelance consultants to work with us to bring specialty skill sets when needed.

Booker & Associates is represented by very experienced professionals, most with careers spanning in excess of 20 years. We have quickly become known for providing quality work with a view to practicality. Our focus is on enabling the implementation of practical and sustainable techniques customized to the organization in order to maximize benefits.

We are proud of our clientele and many of our clients have engaged us for numerous assignments over the years. The repeat business from these clients is a reflection of the quality and practicality of the work that our firm is known for.

Fay operates at expert level and is a thought leader.
Our firm is led by Fay Booker. Fay has extensive experience and not only knows how to implement standard solutions but is quite adept at identifying customized solutions given a particular client’s context, philosophy, and objectives.

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